Channel Rules are Simple

  • You need to be 18 or over in age to be here.

  • No underage or incest channels - you will be banned

  • No repeating, excessive caps, copying and pasting, Urls, Emails, Phone Numbers, Fserves, Advertising Other Channels, harassing AKA Flaming, Baiting, and Antagonizing of anyone, by anyone, spam, adbots, flooding, ban evasion, racial slurs.

  • No discussions in channel about kiddie porn, incest, pedophiles, rape, scat, beastiality.

  • Do not reply to private messages in channel - do not bring anything said in private into channel, do not comment on it in channel, please use your ignore.

  • Do not announce who you are putting on ignore in channel or make comments about putting someone on ignore, just do it.

  • All languages are welcome in here but since most of the users can speak English, it's best that the majority of the chat be in that language. If you wish a longer conversation in another language, please take it to private. We want all the users of #cybersex to feel welcome and a part of the channel group

  • Respect EVERYONE including the lamers, and remember.....there is a person behind that nick

  • No Rape nicks or reference to rape - user will be asked to change nick or refrain from subject and if ignored will be banned.

  • No trading of pics, porn, or cam trolling except that we DO allow the trading of personal pics between consenting users.

  • No Clones - unless we know that it is two different users ex: husband/wife

  • Color is permitted in channel

  • MP3's are permitted to be played in channel.

  • Cybering in channel IS allowed

  • No discussions about politics or religion


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